The South Australian Government’s arts and cultural agency, Arts SA, commisssioned Dilfinch & Dilfinch to brand their pilot initiative ‘Theatre Alive’ – a website promoting live performing arts in South Australia.
We all agreed that the name ‘Theatre Alive’ could work harder and distilled it into an instructive Brand name: ‘ShoGo’– a name which positively associated with what we wanted the audience to do: ‘Go and see a show’.
The ShoGo banner, including the ShoGo logo and a photo of a group of people lining up for a show.
A screenshot of the ShoGo homepage. A screenshot of the ShoGo show listing page. A screenshot of the ShoGo individual show page.
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An image showing 2 of the ShoGo designs, one highlighting the signature Purple colour and one highlighting the signature cream colour.
An image showing the ShoGo poster and the ShoGo shirt.