Restless Dance Theatre

Restless Dance Theatre is Australia’s leading dance company working with young disabled and non disabled people to create dance theatre and run workshop programs. When Restless Dance Theatre turned professional, D&D repositioned the brand and and designed a variety of printed and online materials including, most recently the 2009 Annual Report. The bold application of type and colour allows Restless to speak eloquently to everyone.

Our Client Said
Restless Dance Theatre has developed a close working relationship with Dilfinch & Dilfinch over the past three years to develop a stand out brand to promote our company. Their design has simplicity, strength and impact. They are formidable with a rich background of experience that gives them a distinctive lively edge over others. It is exciting to collaborate with people who have a deep understanding of who we are and an appreciation of our aesthetic.
Phillip Channels
Director, Restless Dance Theatre

A photo of one of the Restless performers.
An example of the Restless business card, shown from both sides.
The cover and internal page designs from the 2007 Annual Report.

The cover and internal page designs from the 2008 Annual Report.
A series of Restless postcards. Each of them show one of the Restless performers covering their face, with varying levels of clothing.
A screenshot of one of the internal pages from the Restless website. A screenshot of the home page of the Restless website.
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Designs of the Restless 3 fold brochure.
Designs of fliers for three Restless productions, Rebel, Safe From Harm and Bedroom Dancing.