Peter Deere – Home Loans & Finance Group Pty Ltd

D&D created this new identity for Peter Deere Home Loans & Finance Group Pty Ltd. Peter services a niche market and wanted a new look that reflected his personality. In our first few meetings, we noted that whilst he is immaculately groomed, he never wears a tie.

Our Client Said
I was tired of my old branding and my business model had changed. I wanted an injection of interest and a way to 'start again'... so I sourced Dilfinch & Dilfinch. They created a new brand for my business that totally surprised me, something that was not only very different for the finance industry but something that really stands out. Now, when I hand out my business cards or send people an email... the positive comments I receive are numerous... people see the blue checked shirt with no tie and know it's me... It's corporate, but witty... I love the new me.
Peter Deere
Director, Home Loans & Finance Group Pty Ltd

The Peter Deere logo.
The Peter Deere business cards, each with different quotes.

Desk Calendar

Peter is a scribbler and illustrates his point when talking with his clients. We’ve incorporated Peter’s thinking diagrams into some stationery items, such as the newsletter. This calendar incorporates key dates, including his wife and childrens’ birthdays.
An image of the Peter Deere calendar.
An example of the Peter deere newsletter, titled 'New iDeere'.
An image of the design for the upcoming Peter Deere website. Coming soon